Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Battery Backed 32K Cartridge - Perfect for saving your high scores!!!

We have been looking at these for years, now we have found a source for the components we have made the leap and manufactured some.

Based on a cartridge from the 1980s we have improved the design!

The 32K Cart allows you to load and save from cartridge without loosing the contents - plus you can move and store the cartridge for years and years and years!

Commodore 64 Over Voltage Protector

We the expert help of e5frog we have a final build of the Over Voltage Protector.

We will build a few and see how they go....

Low Cost CNC Controller for the Commodore 64

Low cost CNC Controller Card For the Commodore 64.

We love this, a low cost CNC controller card which plugs in to the User Port and will drive 2 stepper motors. Will be available soon as we have tested them.

New 1541/1571 & 1581 Track & Sector Display PCBs In

The new Track & Sector Display PCBs have now arrived and will be available soon both assembled and as a kit. This project was developed by Gero and acquired by Shareware PLUS.

WiFi Modem Cases just arrived

100 WiFi Modem cases have just arrived to start the production run in the UK. These custom cases look fantastic! Well done Urko!